Sue Bauchner

Sue Bauchner, PhD, PMP

Director of Engineering

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Dr. Bauchner leads the Nanovision engineering effort, coordinating collaborations of a diverse team of engineers, scientists, surgeons, faculty & students.

Prior to becoming Director of Engineering at Nanovision, she founded Custom ASIC where her Program Management, research and manufacturing expertise were applied to develop and bring to fruition novel concepts for a host of customers, including NASA, General Atomics, Emcore, Oak Ridge National Laboratories and Sandia National Laboratories. Dr. Bauchner has developed products, authored publications & patents in the areas of optoelectronics, photovoltaics, acoustic & chemical sensors, roll-to-roll manufacturing, materials characterization and sol-gel synthesis.

Scott Thorogood

Scott Thorogood

CEO and Co-founder

William Freeman

William Freeman, MD

Medical Consultant and Co-founder

Gabriel A. Silva

Gabriel Silva, PhD

Neuroscience Advisor and Co-founder

Larry Murril

Larry Murrill


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Our technology is singularly unique in how the sub retinal device tailors the electrical neural stimulation parameters to the individual patient. It is the most advanced technology available capable of achieving such a degree of patient specificity.

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